this is so funny

There was a lot of wild spiritual experience in today’s float… ok, ok, psychic junk food! Once again I used a technique in the tank that I learned about outside the tank. I have 5 more days of self-imposed silence on the technique itself but something happened that was just so funny.So, I managed to achieve several things via floatation and this technique. And by the time I finished the temperature had dropped to 91 degrees (normally I cant take more than 92 or 93) and I didnt notice it because I was out of body so much.

But anyway, at one point, I realized that what I was doing was breaking into fitness clubs and installing float tanks there. Then when the owner would show up, I would try to talk him into buying the tank….

So one time, I end up in a fitness shop and I’m floating and the owner comes in confused and starts knocking on the door and pacing around. I decide to play peek-a-boo and look under the corner of the tank but then get scared and hop silently back to the other side of the tank.

By the way, Jose Arguelles ascended this month.

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