genuine astral journey – yoga dreams, pizza doors

The astral plane is the plane of desire. And this morning experience was clearly based on desire.I awoke and did Bikram Yoga outdoors,the whole time lamenting having left the formal training in a studio. So then I go inside to float and am amazed at how much loosening occurs – the floatation tank following yoga is the perfect combination.

Eventually the technique (to remain hidden for 3-4 more days) led me into a long lucid journey of which I will only detail 2 parts

In one part, I was walking through my old yoga training studio and asking people if this were the advanced class and a girl says ‘yes’ with a resonant pure voice and I’m jealous because I dont qualify for the advanced class.

So I get home and I’m raising the garage door and then start eating through the door because the door is made cheese pizza and I start explaining how pizza can be a great home business.

Why was this an astral journey?

I desire to be an advanced hatha yoga practitioner so I cooked up such an astral journey. But an even greater desire is to fall short of my dreams so I cooked up a journey in which I am rejected

I have decided to go 100% raw food and pizza was my good-bye meal because I love it so much. The hidden urge to eat miles and miles of pizza resulted in an astral trip where I could eat a garage door made of pizza — lolololol!

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