I am simulating God as Money

“Simulations of God” John Lilly.

I dont think he ever really defined God in this text, but I think a good definition would be: “that which you must align with or suffer punishment”

Now, he discusses numerous potential Gods and in the appendix lists numerous other candidate ones to explore (such as Love).

I’m currently being forced to praise God as Money having spat in his/her/its face for the last 15 months. Since Jan 2010 (15 months ago), I have only worked 6 total months, living off savings and “doing what I want”.

However, the savings are exhausted and my escape from God is quickly coming to a close. Because there is little lucrative work in my area, I am forced to flee South Florida in the name of God.

How odd: the Bible says that money is a curse and to flee it. But that is a different simulation of God. My tax return, student loan, and monthly bills are a much larger and powerful God at the moment.

I am shameless. I will testify in the name of the Lord My Savior, the almighty dollar bill. I will stop at nothing to commune with the Lord My God. Distance is no issue to pursue my savior.

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