Oh salts, won’t you take me home.

I have done many things on this earth.

Floating always takes me home.

I was fooling around with EJ Gold and he brought up the float tank in his teachings. This was in 1996 or so. I tried it in Southern California in the hills. With a relative of the Perry’s … or maybe a relative of the Lillys. I think it was the perrys. He was a latin guy. I forgot his name. Getting in the tank was like – “oh, so this is how easy it is to be my original self.”

Floating always takes me home.

I tried it at one other home center after that. That guy was cool too. Over in the Redondo Beach area. A bit of noise, but no biggie. And it wasnt until 2007-2008 that I had been practicing Falun Dafa – a very demanding chinese yoga. Putting myself through serious pain, etc. I packed my bag and drove 6 hours from Columbus, OH to Chicago, IL to float at Spacetime Tanks, the longest running float center in the USA – 26 years. I got there, booked a hotel and the float showed me how knotted up my back was with tension. I was literally hunched forward in a knot – the antigravity warm salt water showed me and fixed me. No human intervention needed.

Floating always takes me home.

And then I was in Florida. Doing brain machines for happiness. Receiving scientology auditing. Trying out Buddhist meditation. The 5 tibetans, you name it. I bought a mobile home and built a float tank and I didnt have a job or clear path to income, but I did it anyway. And once again, floating knocked blocks of tension out of me. and did all sorts of wild things.

Floating always takes me home.

So now, here I am in Boston. I do some yoga. I do some TongRen. I do some dancing. I watch TV. I dont have to work because I built a big residual income in Karatbars. So here I am aimless. Yoga NIDRA is cool. Reflexology is GREAT.

But only floating takes me home.

And Boston needs a float center yesterday. A place like Boston is the first place a float center belongs.

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  1. I thought you might like to read this, https://www.i-sopod.com/blog/how-floatation-tanks-connect-ancient-wisdom-with-modern-science-2024-02-18

  2. it’s an OK article. in terms of ancient wisdom of sensory deprivation, I think a mention of pratyahara in the raja yoga tradition would be a valuable addition to the article.

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