Biological and Sensory Deprivation – a double barreled spiritual dive

OK, so my life mission is to form a retreat center where the primary religious practice is floating in an isolation tank. Why is this? It is because floatation has had much progress in science and business but has no recognized organization in spirituality. I want extended floatation to be affordable Рan entire month of unlimited floating for $1600 or less.

Alright, I’ve had this retreat center idea for a few months now. Now, for a longer period of time, I’ve been aware that a standard diet of 3 solid meals leads to constant brain excitation – the breakdown of food all day and all night is constantly stimulating your brain. However, until you have mono-dieted or water-fasted for 10 days or more, the amount of mental stimulation due to food breakdown will not be apparent.

So, floating in a tank is powerful. Harry Palmer showed what 8 weeks of floating can do. For 8 weeks, there was one line to the kitchen and one line to the bathroom and he became enlightened in 8 weeks.

Now let’s tweak the dial on his approach a bit:

let’s get rid of the line to the kitchen, by doing a water fast instead of eating during the 8-week intensive. Your stomach will go to sleep. You will feel rest in your stomach and digestive system unlike no other. Now, pair that with the stillness of floating for extended periods of time.

now, let’s reduce the amount of bathroom time. How? Because urine is medicine. The only time to head to the bathroom should be for fecal elimination. Because urine is not waste. I hope you get my picture.

How do we get there?

OK, a retreat center. Although there are many retreat centers for sale, I would recommend just buying a house near an urban area where everyone can still keep working. It takes time and dedication to build up to long periods of combined floating and fasting.

So to get the down payment for the house we take the profits from selling tanks and make the down payment. And that’s where you come in.


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