I Chose Sara

I wanted to visit North Florida to contemplate the possibility of forming a meditation and retreat center. What sort of meditation? Oh, I wasnt sure. Maybe I would include some fun things as well… you know : human joys, earthly pursuits.

I had some good choices for AirBNB – one place all to myself for 1 grand and something a bit cheaper, living out in the wilderness with a woman.

I’m on a 10-week Buddhist meditation course and during these 10 weeks I’ve been avoiding any spirited human joys in favor of “genuine” spirituality. But for some reason, I booked a room with Sara.

And I got set on fire.

I burned myself up with lust, hatred, greed, resentment, jealousy and more before, during and after the stay.

Maybe this verse(s) from the Dhammapada (monk chapter) would’ve saved me, had it been my guiding light:

373. The monk who has retired to a solitary abode and calmed his mind, who comprehends the Dhamma with insight, in him there arises a delight that transcends all human delights.

374. Whenever he sees with insight the rise and fall of the aggregates, he is full of joy and happiness. To the discerning one this reflects the Deathless.

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