One major issue I am wrestling with is how much of my personal perspective in floating belongs in this site. I was going to get a domain named “infinitity of universes” based on my love for Ken Ogger‘s research in Freezone Scientology and name this site the Infinity of Universes Meditation Tank Center.

But then I would make people edgy who are only interested in floating purely for health reasons.

A serious business remains neutral and sucks in as many people as possible. But I’m a computer programmer by trade, not a floatation tank businessman.

But borderlines are what floatation is all about. The water is the same as your skin, so the sense of separation from surroundings diminishes. And really, how different am I from you? I entered these words on this page and there was a bit of a time lag before you got them but we are now connected… there are fewer borderlines between us.

So I sit here and waver. One minute, I want to move my ambient music stuff over to my other website. Another minute, I feel that being personal is extremely important… how else to make the psychonaut feel at home at my place?

And so in the last 24 hours I have ruminated over the following domain names:

  • floating-psychonaut-airlines
  • transgalatic-flotation (floatation? flotation? argh!)
  • infinity-of-universes (infinityofuniverses) – hard to type
  • samadhi-chamber
  • floating-through-space

There are actually even more than that, but why go on?
And of course, I get a million what-ifs with each of these domain names… why airlines instead of cruises, blah blah blah.

In the end, the title of Sailor Bob Adamson’s book sums it up: “what’s wrong with right now unless you start thinking about it”

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