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Here I store various things I wrote up, but no longer need, but fear that I might later and dont feel like typing up again:

Why are we called Infinity of Universes?

Some people approach floating from an earthly perspective – physiology, anatomy, etc, etc. Me personally, I’ve always been an explorer and floating got me out of mental theorizing about deep inner and outer space and gave me direct experience.

That being said, I’ve always needed intellectual teaching to explain my beyond the veil journeys. I’ve looked through many spiritual paths and within spiritual paths looked at the various splinter groups. It seems that Ken Ogger has the right mix of theory and practice to complement floating. And it was Ken Ogger who said these words:

“The Dance of Creation” – At the highest levels, the self-aware life statics participate in a dance of infinite creation. Here, everything that can be conceived of is created, exchanged, and experienced. Here we have an infinity of universes in constant flux, varying even in the number of dimensions used by each universe. At this level, the individual is himself near infinite, create and experiencing multiple universes simultaneously and projecting an infinity of personalities, and yet the individual is still the individual and separate and distinct from the other individuals who also participate in the dance of creation. And the flux between these individuals is the dance and is the infinity of creation.

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