serious stomach pain all day

A day ago, I really pushed hard to sleep in the tank, putting in about 5.5 hours. The next day I had general discomfort all through the upper body. It seemed like my biochemical balance was being righted too fast for me to adjust.

Undaunted, I went in for what was at least 6 or 7 continuous hours last night. It was _great_ when I came out. And then in my shower, this rubbery black gunk was rubbing off my arms. And then a by morning time, I had this serious stomach pain.

Being on the the warrior diet, I eat raw all day and eat my omnivorous cooked meal at night. Last night, I ate something I dont usually eat. Pasta with sphagetti sauce and some cheese that I really dont think was so great.

I also follow the Hulda Clark bowel maintenance program. And I took my Betaine Hydrochloride first thing in the morning. And after that is when the pain hit.

This pain has been interesting. I called this girl who is a healer and requested distance healing. Before we could get to the healing, i kept feeling better and better and better. I actually _saw_ that some aspect of me was remembering that I am supposed to be sick and kept trying to return me to the sick state.

Eventually my memory of illness won out and I went back downhill, but not into doubled-over pain. I got some ginger trips from Whole Foods (ginger and vitamin b-6 as Pyrodoxine HCl) and that made me feel better.

Now, I think the worst part is over. I’m going for some foot reflexology healing tonight and have 3 hours before I go… I really would like to float, and I am going to wait until I am drawn to long-term tank sleeping. I was really pushing things because I wanted to experience the thngs I’ve read in the archives here.

So I’m going back to 1 – 1.5 hours per day until I truly feel more is helping and not rushing.

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