Further odes to sensory deprivation

Chapter 3 in “The Spiritual Notebook” by Paul Twitchell (founder of ECKANKAR)  provides more rationale for liberating oneself from the physical senses: 

“… the inner universe cannot be realized unless we are able to separate Soul from mind and physical senses, and visualize Truth directly.” 

later in the same chapter, Twitchell describes the 3 common states of deep sleep, dream, and waking. The he says:


“The next ascending step is the immortal state. Once we have taken this step we have consciousness of the higher planes where all things are subtle and Truth is the Ultimate Reality. At this stage the brain and the physical organs cease to operates … only by our spiritual senses do we function within these worlds.” 

still later:


“The nine doors of the outer world are (list of orifices and sense organs… he omitted the skin)… all attention must be withdrawn from these lower doors and placed upon the spiritual eye.” 



“When Soul passes through the spiritual window it enters into the astral world. We cannot see this world with physical eyes, but instead we view everything on this plane with astral senses. This is true of every higher plane we pass into.” 

I tried focusing on the 3rd eye during my last float but I fell asleep. Maybe I should play HU in the float room to tune myself to the God worlds? Oh yeah, in ECKANKAR you need the help of the Living ECK Master to guide you to the Soul plane. You could only get to the mental plane by yourself – you would never cross the great void – http://santmat.livingcosmos.org

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