neural shock from relaxation

I finished my Bikram Yoga. I get home and my body is pleading with me: “get into the tank NOW”

So I put up my groceries and flop right in… oops! Let’s unplug those heaters first.

So I’m in and drifting off to sleep. Then I feel a sharp electric-like jolt in the neck. I think: “oh god, i left something plugged in”

But then I get a grip and realize that electrical shock is not that selective – the whole water body would’ve been electric.

So I settle back in and it happens again and again and again… about 4 times total.

I think some long-held tension was releasing.

I leave the tank fully recharged and ready for the day.

The ability of the tank to detect tension and release it is simply amazing: THANK YOU JOHN C. LILLY!

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