yogic room ; suffocation

I’ve been having a lot of lucid dream experiences in and out of the tank recently.

Outside of the tank, listening to “The Dreaming Gate” by Inlakesh is quite effective. Another thing which is effective is to follow the instructions that Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj gave to Nisagadatta Maharaj: “attend to the sense ‘I am’ and to give attention to nothing else.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nisargadatta_Maharaj) … a lot of times before I know it, I am swept into a situation where I am operating a subtle body outside the laws of Planet Earth. Now, astral journeys like this are not the goal of that technique, but it has been happening quite a bit because of it.

This morning, I finished my Bikram Hot Yoga class and came home eager to float. So I jumped in. The usual profound loosening of the physical body commenced… it’s simply amazing how the tank finds your tight spots and opens them up. Eventually, the subtle body was free of the physical and the following occurred:

I was browsing a web page. Some spiritual group was having spiritual seminars and I found their local ashram and went for a lesson. They were teaching some sort of breathing technique. A rather chubby girl in red exercise tights began to demonstrate how she could work the breath up her body. She would squeeze the breath into her body and moan in sexual ecstasy. She did this about 5 times.

That ended the instruction. Then a student next to her made a snide comment about Ashtanga Yoga. He said it was ridiculous to think that asanas had to be done in a certain order. Then an older lady who appeared to be the only teacher in the room started gently discussing the actions of both of the boy and the girl. Then a guy in sandals and Indian garb walked over and started sprinkling talcum powder over the floor.

I could see it was time to go, so I rose up to leave… and suddenly I felt as if I were suffocating. I had no idea how to get air. I was on my back. I knew if I flipped over I would not have enough air to make it. I dont exactly know what I did to get out of this situation. But I did notice that the amount of air in the tank was quite low so maybe the sensation of low air created an entire fear drama.

The containment tank is only 16 inches high. So trapped CO2 and no circulating oxygen could be an issue for long floats.

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