ah, refreshing! near electrocution!

# ah refreshingNothing like a float to clear the mind. The float itself was _horrible_ – I’m struggling to set the perfect temperature for my heaters and match that with room heat. And fight with floor coldness as I did not put down 2-inch thick styrofoam to insulate the tank bottom.

But even with that horrible float (where I noticed coldness at times and I dont have enough salt so my knees poke out and my head drops back too much), I came out refreshed and ready to deal with all the stuff that was aggravating me before I climbed in.

# near electrocution

The other night, I decided to do a tank sleep. 2.5 hours later as I’m getting out, I notice that one of the heaters was not unplugged — I had moved around some things and forgot to put one of the heaters on the GFCI power strip.

I guess that was me balancing my karmic debt with the goldfish 🙂

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