responsibility for players; intra and extra tank fantasy; heating the float room and bathroom

I woke up this morning and did a 30 minute insight meditation. After that, I realized that all trauma has to do with thinking a separate “I” was injured by a separate other. This is called the Responsibility Scale of 1962 in L. Ron Hubbard’s writings.So anyway, I was laying in the tank, doing something. I was either watching my breath or watching thoughts and studying how I felt I was separate from the person I was thinking about.

Before too long, I was having the following fantasy:


I was rolling down a river in my float tank and the river fed into a highway. I needed to get off the highway because I was low on air (to breathe). So I parked at a zoo and got out of my tank. Two girls saw me and asked me about my tank. I described it and one of them started telling me all about her former jobs. She got fixated on one job she had with people on welfare. One client had an issue with her taking pictures of him and went ballistic.It was about this time, I decided to stop dreaming and get out of the tank. So I got out and John Lilly was there in a bright blue Hawaiian shirt. I asked him what he thought of Scientology, since I had always wanted to do that. He said: well, they think they know something and are now just trying to figure out how to prove it. I dont work that way.

So I reflected on that advice and I realized that I got out of my tank using shock struts – but that was the old design. So then I realized I had never gotten out of the tank and was still in.

So this time, I really wake up 🙂

One neat thing I did this time was heat both the bathroom and the float room to 80 deg F so that I was not shocked by cold air when leaving the float room. That was a nice touch.

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