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On 3/30/2011 4:06 AM, Float Finder wrote:

That’s Terrence Brannon’s “Black Beauty” as he likes to call it.




Yes, once again Black is Beautiful. Feast your eyes:


As someone who likes to build things but has never built a tank, here’s my humble opinion on it… and this applies to all DIY tank projects:If you like to have a hand in creating the awesome time-space portal we call the float tank, and it will be a labor of love for you, then in general I would say a tank which costs $1700 to build is a fine project idea. But .. a) what’s the value of your labor (+$1000 at least)?




what do you mean value of labor? you mean the cost for time as opposed to parts? It took 17 days total this first time with several delays to order parts. Once all parts are ordered I could do it in a day the next time.

b) no offense to our good man Terrence, but that thing is pretty damn ugly




You are definitely entitled to your subjective judgement. No more can be said about that 😉

and a tank should be a pleasure to look at, i.e. you shouldn’t feel like you are an egg roll in a giant to-go container from a Chinese place in the mall, c) you’ll spend hours and hours asking questions on boards about troubleshooting,




I have no issues with helping those with questions and I  would upgrade the plans to make things more clear each time.

d) Terrence is still probably tweaking his design.




arent we all. yes

Finally, Terrence posted a video of one his first floats in the tank and before he entered he said something like “Oh wait, I need to turn this off so I don’t electrocute myself”.




those words were uttered right here –
and there were 2 levels of defense against electrocution at that point:

  • the GFCI plug that the heaters we plugged into
  • the safety mechanism within the JBJ heater itself

But I do turn them off to give myself a sense of security. That was a sarcastic off-the-cuff comment. I wouldnt put myself in jeopardy like that. I’m very fixated on my physical body.


Those words should never have to be uttered!!!




it is something of bad press I suppose. And the video presentation could be much better

I’m hoping Terrence can report on exactly what he was referring to.Finally, If you are in the USA, you can often find a used Samadhi or Oasis tank – both proven designs





– for not much more and they offer continued tech support (to a reasonable degree with used tanks, I suppose). And you can always sell a Samadhi or an Oasis later on if you have to, whereas you’d probably have to pay someone to take the BB off your hands.




the main expense in the used tank market is crating and shipping. The Black Beauty is one leg of a focus towards putting tanks in the hands of those with low-income and/or those in prison.

another focus was using completely off-the-shelf-parts.


  • the need to pay for having a tank shipped is eliminated
  • the need to pore over advanced construction manuals is eliminated
  • the need for anything other than standard parts is eliminated
  • the possibility of floating for the low-income / imprisoned has manifested

I learned from my Oasis experience. I owned one. And it is a true jewel. I cant say I’m happy with the rubber seal in the pump because epsom salt eats through it. But I learned from that and now know of other pumps (mag-drive, chemical) which work better.


I’m not trying to be mean, but let’s be realistic here.




No, but you are certainly welcome to communicate your dissatisfaction to me. I for one would appreciate it.

Live long and prosper,


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Its Crude not super sci-fi IPod gen float, but down and dirty and looks like it gets the job done…

wondering what you all think..

I am seriously considering taking up where John Lilly left off, but I feel weird walking into a float center after munching 5 grams of mushrooms. Thinking this might be the way forward.






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