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On 3/30/2011 7:30 AM, x2012gart wrote:

Yes I am sure somethings can be done to improve safety like boxing up the electrics.




the heaters are connected to a GFCI so there’s no risk of electrocution. And JBJ heaters come with a safety guard.

For instance the two halfs can just be glued together shut




the current design makes it easy to drain the tank and move the tank. You can use the top as the bottom and vice versa at will.

and a entry door cut out of the top, or some sort of hindge/level system.




I was lucky to run into a Lowe’s employee who suggested drawer glides:

those have been working for at least 20 floats beautifully.

The old link seen around the net for tank building plans are gone and this is all there is now. This is why I posted it here, not to argue for it’s use.

I guess Samadi is like twice the price of the Black Beauty,




well, the joy of building your own tank just cant be matched. I could never buy a commercial tank again unless there were a very specific reason.

but frankly the baggy liner isn’t as good as a solid surface.




yes, liners terrify me. I mean, I floated samadhi at Spacetime tanks and it was great. And they have been operating 26 years continuously there in Chi-town, probably all on samadhi. And no reports of electrocution. But the idea that there is just a liner between the water and a heater gives me the willies.

But I’ve been hashing over liner designs and thinking about it.


Oasis is nearly 4x the price, and it does appear to also have this liner.




I think Oasis and Samadhi are about the same price, new or used.

Sure a good 2nd hand tank would be cheaper, 1




until you have to pay them for parts/labor for a repair. The Black Beauty is 100% off the shelf.

going thru the archive there were some 5 floataway tanks going for incredible prices. With my budget it is probably best to wait for 2nd hand tank to hit the market.




may I ask where you are located? I build tanks and give them away to people who want to establish a branch of my religious order devoted to floatation. If you have the space, you have a business and tank coming your way. Just pay me a cut of your income from serving Recluses:


Not sure but after that it appears that most tanks go over the $15k price level…ok it has some technical parts, but a top range automobile is the same price. am not in the USA, the european tank market seems to be the more Gucchi/Prada side of the tank market.




oh shipping definitely becomes a major issue for you.

Have seen big fiberglass tanks used for Fish Farming being sold from China very inexpensive, great deals on bulk epsom salts. Seems do-able, especially for the DIY inclined. Terrance’s contribution is a good foundation to work upon, as it covers the basic running parts and design extra features can be added.





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