Open Source $2k Tank

On 3/29/2011 7:28 PM, x2012gart wrote:

Its Crude not super sci-fi IPod gen float, but down and dirty and looks like it gets the job done…




I’m happy with the job it does – I’m the inventor of the tank you are referring to. I’ve floated more than 40 times in it and am learning about passive heating systems along the way. I never would’ve succeeded with this tank if it weren’t for Tim Strudwick blazing a trail along this way. And of course I never would’ve met Tim Strudwick if it werent for Frank’s list.

wondering what you all think..

I am seriously considering taking up where John Lilly left off, but I feel weird walking into a float center after munching 5 grams of mushrooms.




Yes, commercial floatation and your urge for such personal exploration dont really jibe. But they meld well with my non-profit religious organization devoted to floatation –

Thinking this might be the way forward.




Any questions about the design are welcome. I’m working on version 2b as we speak:

I have put out a request to archive all homebrewed tank plans and we have yet to come up with such a centralized list of links. Because floatqa is migrating right now, it might be 2-4 weeks before we actually get up the list. My friend Glenn built his for rather cheap in a different way, but there are several indy tank makers active now.

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