contemplating my male pregnancy

I dont think I will ever have a float as weird as the one I just did.I spent the morning at Sant Mat satsang then drove out to the nature preserve to look at alligators and to watch people fish. I got back home and did a few sun salutations and then made haste for my tank. I placed my attention on the pineal gland and before I knew it, I was having a 3-dimensional experience, conversations and everything.

Near the end, I was in this hallway and my mom said I would probably be getting a Caesarean section for *my* pregnancy. I started thinking I would go home because I would be bored in a hospital all night and the next day. I just hoped I would be able to drive myself to the hospital if I went into labor. I also could visualize the hospital as I thought about the boredom. It looked more like a senior care center with the large cushiony bed and dingy yellow curtains which filtered out so much sun that the room was dark.

I began to worry about the statistics for such a procedure. I began to wonder why people would take bodies and be so brave to risk death. I thought of my former room-mates daughter who gave birth even though she was a risk.

I could see my stomach and it was about like it is planetside – somewhat bulging but this time pregnancy was the cause not diet.

When I recovered from the float, the tank water was quite cold – I was so far into my mind trip that I was not aware of the inclement water temperature!

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