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I am curious if anyone here has heard of the emerging body of knowledge in trans-personal psychology called “Flow State”?

I have two psychologist (one working on her dissertation about flow state) who have talked about this field and it interests me greatly and I see an intersection with floatation. As I understand it, Flow State is a state of effortless living where situations organize themselves so the the subject simply lives in highly synchronistic states.

John Lilly had some discoveries on Coincidence Control (by your terminology, control of coincidences would be synchronicity). He mentioned numerous coincidence control organizations that he directly discovered via floatation.

And yes, there is the odd paradox that success and healing come to the body that has relaxed and dropped fixation on that body. James Braha wrote about this here: http://www.jamesbraha.com/dialogues.html

The Bible states to seek the Kingdom of God and all else shall follow. So instead of going for the Lamborghini and smoking hot supermodel, you focus above the body on God and before you know it, you have the lamborghini but with much less attachment for it.

So I wouldnt call Flow State an emerging body of knowledge at all.

I have experienced this to a large degree and am pretty sure it has to do with meditation/floatation. I define them as statistical improbabilities occurring regularly.

To identify an event as improbable is a function of a recording mind. To note their regularity is further mental recording. Most such recording is done via a consciousness strongly identified with a single Human Biological Machine, to use EJ Gold’s terminology (grin).

There are certainly other viewpoints on how things happen. In our Western culture our strong individualism makes us focused on being, doing, having, and controlling as a separate isolated entity. In the East, the community minded viewpoint of the non-enlightened as well as the non-linear non-localized mind of the enlightened are completely different from our linear cause-effect perspective.

An example of this state is the old kung fu movies where the master drops a coin and leans over to pick it up. As he is leaning over, the Chinese star just barely misses his head. He then sees a friend and waves and his hand waving blocks an attacker.

Yes, as you wrote in “The Abundance Matrix” – http://www.floatmatrix.com/sf-ca/ebooks/the-abundance-matrix.pdf
“good luck, bad luck, who knows?”

An example more pertinent to floatation, is actually at the end of the floatation episode of The Simpsons (Season 10 Episode 16 “Make Room for Lisa”). Homer takes Lisa to a crash derby after a float. While sitting in the stands, Homer leans over and a car part just barely misses his head.

But will a float session save him the Reaper? When the bell tolls, will 1000 pounds of epsom salt heated to 93.5 deg F lead to a high-tech passover? Physical immortality? Ego-centered success is just a much a form of suffering as ego-centered defeat. But we continue to evolve technically and perhaps one day we will have our cake and eat it too.

Has anyone else had any of these experiences?

I’ve had brief glimpses of pan-determinism – http://spiritologie.eu/index.php?id=45

By induction and review of the metaphysical literature, other consciousnesses are even more broad, operating two machines, two planets, two universes, non-physical planes, etc. In other words, if the personal mind, or a vast and powerful as the universal mind with the Akashic Records were the prime creator, then mind, prana and physical body are where one should look for answers. However if there are planes of consciousness / body layers prior to and creator of those planes of consciousness, then one might realize and operate from these levels instead of continuing to speak as if the mental meat puppet could truly do/think/know anything. But then how could you soak up funds from other limited consciousnesses? (grin)

 I personally like Jose Arguelle’s discussion of bodies and time and how he offers you a chance to discover the Bolontikku – larger bodies than man with larger life and timespace spans simply by using a more natural harmonic calendar.

His Cosmic History Chronicles are a Mastermind series. Hmm, think I will crack them open right now, before my karma drags me away from self-determinism.


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