tank sleep – priorities, astral fer shure

I got in my tank sleep session but got lucky. Always go for the tank sleep session the first time you plan to sleep at night. Even though I never sleep 8 hours, best to get the tank aspect in the first micro sleep.

Talk about creating your own reality – I had just been trying to reach out to my old friend from Iceland via the internet. Then I jump in the tank and I’m in a library in Iceland. Nothing much happens until I leave. I notice a bunch of desks outside, on rocky dirt road, uncovered. One them has a wallet on it. I think of grabbing the money but instead run inside to give the wallet away. Being sure to hide it from the young students coming out.

I get inside and ask why the desks have so many valuable things in them. I even saw other valuable things. He mentions something about a school across the way and asks if I have my key. I bend my head down to offer and he forcefully rips it off my neck. He’s a strong Scandinavian and 8 inches taller than me. I picture him as a viking warrior 500 years ago.

Funny how the space-time field gets played out based on my recent thinking. That’s why Lilly said before floating you have to have no recent contact with any other human – the ones you love or hate. Because it will play out in the tank.

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