tank sleep – nice job

After a long weary day of losing my cell phone (and someone finding it!) and then locking my keys in my car (and retrieving my spare!) and watching boxing all night long (and dealing with cigarette smokers!), I made it home at about 2am.

Collapsed into my tank and had some awareness of the dream process… but as usual its not until the dream recreates the next day that I remember elements of the dream.

Which of course reminds me of the best way to use the void – and it comes from Neville Goddard – go to sleep with the feeling that you already have what you desire … that way to Queen of the Night has no choice but to fashion the next day according to your desire!


Neville discovered what would eventually become the hallmark of his teaching: It was imperative to assume the feeling that one’s goal has already been attained. “It is not what you want that you attract,” he would later write; “you attract what you believe to be true.”

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